Koolbitz Screen Cleaner and Refill Pack, Corporate Gift, Compact 2-in-1 Antibacterial Spray with 60ml Refill, Use on Phones, Laptops & Tablets, Multi-Purpose Case

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CLEAN DIRTY SCREENS WITHOUT DANGEROUS CHEMICALS – Our chemical-free spray gets rid of smudges and fingerprints – forget the harsh chemicals that can damage your screen. With a light fragrance, it has a non-toxic, antibacterial & non-alcoholic spray to get rid of everything from fingerprints, dust, make-up and germs. No streaks, no smudges. The cleaner is 30ml (400 sprays) and the refill bottle is 60ml (800 sprays).

Corporate gifts
FORGET THE SEPARATE CLOTHS – And forget spending money on disposable wipes or risking scratches using your sleeve or a napkin. This screen cleaner has a unique 2-in-1 feature so you don’t have to carry separate spray bottles and cloths. The extra-wide triangle shape means it’ll wipe larger screens quickly. Slip into your pocket or bag when you’re heading out.  
WASHABLE & REFILLABLE – We believe in re-using as much as possible. So we made sure you can easily wash the lint-free quality microfiber cloth under warm running water. Let it air dry overnight, & it’s ready to use again. Taking care of the microfiber cloth will give you up to 2 years of awesome screen cleaning.
CLASSY CORPORATE OR OFFICE GIFT – Our signature 2-in-1 screen cleaner and a refill bottle come in a sleek, black zippered case that fits easily in a bag. Perfect as a corporate gift or for that special someone whose screens are always dirty.
Corporate gifts
The screen cleaner is designed specifically for cleaning screens on smart phones, tablets (including iPads), laptops and gaming computer screens. It works well on touch screens and computer monitors. This pc computer screen cleaner is also ideal for using dry to wipe dust off keyboards and monitors.
Koolbitz screen cleaner is compact with a unique 2-in-1 feature that means you don’t have to carry separate spray bottles and cloths. With both the liquid spray and quality microfiber cloth contained in the one product, it’s the perfect size to conveniently fit in your pocket or bag so you can take it with you anywhere. Always have a phone screen cleaner handy.
Let the cloth air dry after each use. We recommend you rinse the cleaner under warm running water once a week. Any dirty patches can be gently rubbed off under running water. Let the cloth air dry (a few hours).
Hold the cleaner upright; point it towards the screen. Press the top button to spray the screen. Hold the cleaner lengthways, wipe the screen gently. Remember to not overspray.
Everyone has dirty screens that need cleaning. Looking for a gift that everybody needs? Then look no further. The Koolbitz screen cleaner is an ideal birthday gift for Women, Men, Teenagers, Boyfriends, Best Friends, or as Corporate Executive Gifts.
Koolbitz is Australian owned and operated, and we’ve created this unique giftable pack so you’ll have months of cleaning your screens before needing more refill packs.